Vde: Figuur over plantenhormonen uitleggen en woordjes invullen (uit gastles) + verband met sucrose uitleggen

R: Plant immuunsysteem

G: epigenetica linken met flowering


R: plant immuunsysteem

VdE: fructans: applicaties, metabolisme, enzymen (heel het hoofdstuk dus)

G: biogenese DNA methylatiepatronen


Oral examination, all 3 professors (geuten was away so only written, but normally oral)


H1. Leaf development (what do we know so far about leaf identity, growth & polarity, but asks after other parts of lesson 1 also)

Van den Ende

Sucrose metabolism, how do metabolizing enzyms control the balance in sink/source?


Give the conceptual and methodological steps on how researchers came to the conclusion that Quantitative Modulation of Polycomb Silencing Underlies Natural Variation in Vernalization.

(so explain the research behind the paper, and explain what was said in class about it)


Oral examination, all 3 professors

Van den Ende

Fructans (structures, functions, metabolisation, applications)


Explain how the plant innate immune system works...


1. What is the validated analytical method.

2. A company sent this HPLC batch of steviolglycoside claiming it has a RebA purity of 96%

Batch no. r2k81002

HPLC result sent in by company claiming it has a 96% purity of RebA

(table indicaes areas and percentual puri
Table 1

Which errors did the company make?

The same batch is analysed by our lab:

Batch no. r2k81002 redo

Table 2

What proplems could occur when using this sample further on?

3. Figure of aleuroncell with Ca dependent and independent pathways, explain.

side question: in the Ca dependent pathway, calmodulin can be found, what is its function?