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21/01/2020 VM[]


  1. Sequence of cotton has been sequenced by Sanger in 2012. You want to resequence it now. Which Next generation technique are you going to use? Discribe your work flow

Korte woordjes uitleggen ( niet mondeling)

- Gene ontology

- Affymix chip

- Gene interaction mapping


  1. Placental Growth Factor is an interesting protein.
    1. Describe briefly what makes this protein so interesting (1p)
    2. If PlGF would be picked up in a gel-based proteomics experiment, how would the spectrum then look like (provide the exact masses of at least 5 peaks). (4p)
    3. Describe the workflow of this proteomics strategy starting from a tissue sample (4p)
    4. What are the shortcoming and advantages of the gel-based approach (3p)
  2. Curcumin, one of the bioactive metabolites from plants of the ginger family, has many potential medical uses. However, bioavailibility of curcumin is low, and therefore, many research is conducted to find better formulations to reach optimal blood concentrations. In order to support this research, you need to build an assay to asses blood plasma concentrations of curcumin. Therefore, you are offered a mass spectrometer with a mass accuracy of 30 ppm.
    1. How would you prepare the blood samples for this analysis. (3p)
    2. What is the mass you are going to look after? (...,... Da +- ...,... Da) (4p)
    3. BONUS question: can you give one possible strategy to formulate an oral curcumin preparation with better bioavailability. (1p)