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  1. Section out of the review article of Andrew et al (2013) about speciation and hybridisation: give your opinion about this statement (was about that we could predict the fitness of hybridisations)
  2. Genetic restoration: explain based on a case study (not the one of .. and ...) with the details of the genetics and also explain important factors to consider when doing a genetic restoration + what makes it succesful?
  3. Figure given about fleas with left a phylogenetic tree and then green and red colors: probably represent gene expression: so up and down regulation. Explain this figure and give its broader context.
  4. Terms: dispersal, maximum parsimony network, DGGE, microbiome, syntenic (or something like that) chromosome


  • Review article Andrew et al (2013): Discuss one area of EEG and link with your own selected article. What are some new developments? Link to what you have learned during this class.
  • Schistosoma: what does a bottleneck or selective sweep imply? How was this clarified in Schistosoma? What method was used by the researchers?
  • Words: Harvest induced evolution, IBT, NGS, Bateson-Dobzhansky-muller Incompatibilities (BDMIs)


  • Article about phylogeography: explain, what do you find the most striking approaches/results, why is this a paper about phylogeography
  • Fast evolving organisms need another type of molecular calibration. Give the normal type of calibration and what is the alternative for these fast evolving organisms + give an exampel of such a fast evolving organism
  • Words: bioformatic pipeline, Schistosoma, AFLP, genome scan


  • Review article Andrew et al (2013): Discuss one area of EEG and link with your own selected article.
  • Shistosoma mansoni.
  • Human induced evolution in nature and selective breeding have a lot in common, explain.
  • Words: Contig, microbiome, RFLP, ecological population,...


  • Discuss the paper you chose on the Big Five. Place this in the context of Phylogeography. (Give him the markers, the results, implications... You can bring the paper to the exame (even with personal notes)
  • Environmental genomics is great, but what are some of the problems/ drawbacks/ things to keep in mind?
  • Prochlorococcus: tell him what you know (Why important/ what makes it remarkable?
  • Words: eDNA, Ecological speciation, Molecular Epidemiology, transcriptome


  • Review article Andrew et al (2013): Discuss one area of EEG and link with your own selected article.
  • Marine microbial genomics. Give your approach from the field to report.
  • Why do genome scans underestimate the effect of selection?
  • 5 words: IBD, RFLP, genomic island, OTU, ...


  • Phylogeography acts on the cusp of speciation. (bespreek)
  • Figure of speciation and reproductive barriers. (bespreek)
  • Your own article from phenomics (bespreek)
  • 5 words (explain in less than 30 words): draft genome, evolutionary population, harvested induced evolution, seascape genomics, scaffold